About Zanshin

Zanshin Environmental Networks Inc. is essentially Laurie Hamilton, who is currently the owner and sole employee of the company. The services that Zanshin provides embody Laurie's 20 year multi-disciplinary consulting experience in the areas of vegetation science, wetland science, terrestrial ecology, geomatics, terrain, soils, surface hydrology, wildlife habitat, species (and ecological communities) at risk, riparian habitats and reclamation.

Zanshin was incorporated in 2007 and is fully insured with commercial general liability and professional insurance in place. Zanshin maintains perfect WCB and Worksafe BC records through continuous safety training and strict adherence to safety standards.

Laurie Hamilton is registered as a Certified Engineering Technologist (C.E.T.), Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS), Registered Professional Biologist in BC (RPBio), and Professional Biologist in Alberta (PBiol), and is an authenticating wetland practitioner in Alberta.

Her multi-disciplinary work experience, education and volunteering efforts have provided her with a wholistic approach to land management issues, including social and economic influences on decision making. In over twenty four years of practice she has worked on environmental and land management projects in BC, Alberta, Northwest Territories and Saskatchewan within a variety of sectors and in most ecoregions.

She has worked in many sectors including oil & gas, pipeline, mining, transmission lines, urban development, rural development, parks, infrastructure, wind energy projects, traditional land use, forestry, additionally she has worked for government, landowners and conservation groups in support of land management decisions.

In addition to scientific consulting services, she has worked on numerous courses, workshops and stakeholder consultation projects where she contributed to the organization of the event, and created and presented scientific and planning materials to large and small audiences.

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